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Providing the solid-state LiDAR solution

A broad range of applications in ADAS and Autonomous Driving, Robotics, Drone all require LiDAR for direct 3D imaging, but current LiDAR products are bulky, expensive, unreliable, and most of all, not suitable for mass production due to the lack of integration.

We are providing the revolutionary solid-state LiDAR solution – without any moving parts or lens; monolithically integrating the LiDAR system on a silicon photonics chip enabling the mass production in a standard CMOS foundry; offering reliability, long range, accuracy, interference immunity, compact, and the capability of high volume low cost production.


Teamed with the most talented scientists and seasoned engineers from the world, we strive to build a technology powerhouse with the world’s most advanced solid-state LiDAR solution 


Creating the revolutionary solid-state LiDAR technology as a fundamental building block for a smart future


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